Education Call Center

Education Call Center

Suporta is a company that provides industry trained call center support solutions for every aspect and every department of a higher education institution. We understand the sense of urgency to contact potential new students, re-connecting to those who were students but didn’t finish what they started and those who graduated and have become a part of the history of your campus.

Our education call center staff and technology has the capability of matching your needs so you can never be too small or too large. We have worked with higher education institutions from the beginning of the life of a lead to the culmination of graduation, employment verification and default management. We connect you to potential students, past students, current students and graduates with our call center support solutions.

Suporta’s higher education call center staff is committed to providing quality, efficient, high volume, customer service oriented and friendly live transfers from your individual call campaign to a member of your staff.

  • We won’t transfer calls that are blatantly not interested.
  • We won’t send you calls that should have been DNC’d when the lead was received. We will filter every call through multiple layers of a DNC list to ensure your company doesn’t get a bad rap for being “too aggressive”.
  • We will send you a list of bad marketing leads that you can return to your vendor with enough detail that you can get credit for the leads you should not have paid for in the first place.
  • We will provide you full copies of the recorded conversations of any call from start to finish so you can gauge the quality of the call any time, every time, every day.
  • We will provide you quality real time reports at any time that detail our production for your call campaign.
  • We will “Fess Up, if we mess up”! It is part of who we are. We have promised to deliver quality service to you, your staff, and the student we are contacting on your behalf. It is part of who we are because we have been there and know that it takes just as much time to defend yourself during a bad call as it does to complete a call with a “RIGHT” call.


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