Admissions Call Center for Colleges & Universities

Suporta began as part of a realization that Admissions professionals are least productive when they are on the phone listening to voicemail or endlessly dialing numbers where no one answers. Their most productive time is when they are in front of a potential candidate, not with the phone glued to the side of their head.

It’s funny how Managers in Admissions or other Department always seem to think, “Dial more” and then “Dial More Again”. That this is the only solution to finding the needed potential students to achieve your goals. Excessive dialing just confuses activity with the results you hope to achieve. Each of the members of Suporta’s leadership have spent thousands of hours being, “That Guy and Girl” in our case. We have spent thousands of hours dialing, dialing and dialing and then at the end of the day, trying to convince our managers that we were productive with NO results to show for our efforts.

The Achilles Heel of Admissions

Admissions Call Center for Colleges & UniversitiesAs managers, we found endless dialing or getting staff to endlessly dial and stay motivated is absolutely the one Achilles heel of every department we managed. It is almost impossible to get people to stay on the phone when they just dial all day and never seem to talk to anyone. Yes, you can say, call them now, then again in an hour and again later today and again before you leave. Do this repeatedly every day for three days, then take a break for a day and start over. Really?

This is when the idea for Suporta came to life! We realized that if we could find a way to put more people in front of admissions professionals, schools would be more successful, admissions professionals would be more productive and we could continue to help people change their lives through education.

Over the last few years, we have moved dialing unconverted leads to an art form. We consistently convert more than 25% through our call campaigns. We put business that has already been paid for back on the table. We are an extension of the staff and because we are industry trained – we get it. We don’t need a lot of coaching. We just need your list to get started.

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