Call Center Services Company

Forget everything you have ever thought about call center providers or call center service support providers.

When you walk into your own internal call center or call one of the 800 pound gorillas who has no real industry experience realize they are just call center operators. They find a live call and transfer it regardless of the question on the other end of the phone.

At Suporta, we grew up in the business of private higher education. We are products of the environment as students and staff. We have sat in the classrooms with students just like yours and in the offices and cubicles of admissions professionals; just like yours. We have spent hundreds and thousands of hours in the admissions offices trying our best to find that next potential student.

With the volume of calls we have made collectively, we should have invested in the local phone companies because we certainly helped them stay in business. Bottom line is we know that the most productive time an admissions professional has in their business day is when they are in front of a potential candidate, NOT when they are on the phone dialing over 100 dials a day to telephone numbers where no one answers or listening to awful answering machine messages.

Call Center Services Company

We have been in the industry before Transcript, CRM, Velocify and other Student Management systems made it easy to track and follow-up with students. We have sat in the meetings discussing goals as an admissions professional and as a Directors and Managers. A few of us have even been at the Regional and VP level of Admissions. We have hired, trained, and managed hundreds of admissions professionals and call center service support providers all over the country. The Leadership of Suporta has over 30 years of experience in admissions and in for-profit higher education call centers as a starting point.

Bottom line…. We  are a call center services company that knows the most productive time an admissions professional has in their business day is when someone is sitting in front of them rather than spending their day dialing another disconnected phone number.

Suporta was built around college admissions principles and our staff, all of them, are industry trained.

Basically, we get it.  We know the rules, compliance, do’s and dont’s about college admissions and understand the role in helping to get a student in front of an admissions professional who may help them change their lives. Contact us today to get started and boost your enrollment.