Re-contact Campaign

With our re-contact campaign we can make more calls in an hour than your entire staff does in a day. We have the technology that makes us super-efficient. We can make calls at any time of the day regardless of your demographic location. It does not matter if you are on the East Coast or West Coast or somewhere in between, our call center service support providers are available and on the phone with your potential students. Imagine what you can do if we add 100 to 300 more live contacts to your business week for your admissions team. If you just use your own internal conversion numbers we believe you will be stunned. Why stunned? Simple – you will either feel like a genius for having found a solution that your competitors are already using or you will feel a little less like a genius for not having thought of this sooner. Either way, we are about to help you pump up the volume.

Student Recruitment Call Center Services

Our student recruitment call center services are set in such a way that every lead you send, we will contact you consistently without interruption or until final disposition. Final disposition means we get to a definitive “YES” or “NO”. And yes, we will either set appointments or live transfer more than 25% of the leads you send us on a regular basis.

Do the math. And then DO THE MATH! Live transfers are the highest converting leads in the industry. Many Regional Directors of Admissions and VPs of Marketing will tell you that these people will talk to your staff. We connect your potential candidates to your staff. Let your staff do what they do best. Talking to a hundred answering machines a day is not what they do best! Talking to a live, interested person is what they do best. Get started today with a Re-Contact Campaign.