How To Get Started with Suporta

So you’ve decided to add volume to your business day by reviving business from your unconverted leads.

Then as one of the leading call center companies we are ready to share our simple secret to success for your call campaigns and new peer relationship.

Call Center CompaniesFirst thing first – We will send you’re a brief campus or company bio. It gives us basic details of your campus, staff, programs, start dates, etc. This allows us to help make the transfers more seamless because the caller will not normally differentiate between our staff and yours.

Secondly, we will identify a primary point of contact at the campus or corporate marketing department. Usually, we will schedule a brief conference call with your managers or directors so they have an expectation of what to anticipate when the calls begin.

Then send us a list in a CSV format. Usually when we start we would take a list of unconverted leads from the last 90 days. We would want them to be 24 hours to 90 days old.

Then grab the phone and get ready because we will get busy making things happen by getting new student contacts on the phone with your staff. Don’t be surprised if you start getting calls before we get off the phone.

Suporta staff will call every lead, every day consecutively for 90 days or until final disposition. You may be wondering what “Final disposition” means. It is simple really. It means that we will call, call, call and call again every day for 90 days from the date of the original contact or until the potential candidate interviews at your campus or until they asked to be placed on a Do Not Call List (DNC).

Quality Control Measures:

Upon receipt of the list from your campus or marketing department, we will filter the list through several DNC lists to ensure that we are respecting the wishes of anyone who has asked not to be called. After all we need to protect you and us, so we are very careful.

We record every call from beginning to end. If there is ever a question, we will absolutely send you the entire call from the time the student answers the call until the staff member at your campus or school hangs up or disconnects.

Remember if we mess up, we fess up! We aren’t shy about communicating a mistake and working diligently to correct it. We will always, and we do mean always, work to provide you the very best service possible. We aren’t here to send you people who do not qualify, did not want to talk to you or simply had no interest and had no idea how you got their number. We aren’t here to inflate the volume. Simple reason why is because it takes just as much time to calm an upset or irate customer as it does to help someone who is truly interested. We know you cannot afford to waste time apologizing. Your staff needs people in front of them; that’s what we do best.