Admissions Call Center Service Provider

Ask yourself a simple question, “Would you want a call center operator handling the leads you have paid premium prices for or would you prefer having a trained admissions call center service provider who has been admissions trained answering the call for that same potential student?”

Why Suporta is easy.

Admissions Call Center Service Provider

We are an extension of your staff’s ability to contact students. We are better than the vitamin supplements you take each morning. We are the ones who re-contact leads the others, including your staff, has forgotten or has become so frustrated with that they simply DO NOT CALL! We will and we do with results. We specialize in re-contact campaigns that convert at more than 25% of the lead volume you send us.

The Suporta staff understands the sense of urgency, speed to lead, and technology requirements that allow us to monitor every call, every time, every day. We are always busy inspecting what we expect. We are engaged, involved, and enthusiastic about our partnerships because we realize that we may still be helping a student change their life through education.

OK fine, it is corny! But we are still committed to helping people find their way through education. We believe that when we connect a student to your staff, we may have been the link that makes a life change possible. We take pride in being one of the best admissions call center service providers.

Suporta is not an addition to your marketing plan

We are a part of it because we put revenue back on the table. It is a fact that our re-contact campaigns average more than 25% conversions for our current clients, regardless of the volume of leads you send us. Remember, we are finding new business in what most people consider worthless leads.  We are able to customize and implement call campaigns immediately and continuously.

There are detailed reports to help you.

We are able to send you a specific detailed report that identifies leads you should have never, and as prior Regional Directors of Admissions and Call Center Managers, we do mean NEVER have paid for in the first place. These are leads that asked for directions to the local pizza parlor or asked you to “KINDLY” take their name off your list because they never asked to be contacted. These reports can be shared with your vendors and with the details and copies of our recorded conversations, we are sure the benefit is a credit to your marketing dollars.

We have taken the one part of every department’s job description and instead of them knowing that they have to go through the drudgery of dialing hundreds of numbers to reach a very small number of students, we put them on the line with live people who are seeking information from YOUR COLLEGE or UNIVERSITY. Imagine what they can do with a live caller on the line instead of another voice mail that plays an entire song before they are able to leave a message.

Constant Accountability

Oh and one other thing, if we MESS UP, WE FESS UP! We are a partner and understand the responsibility of being a good partner. If there is ever a question, we won’t be defensive, difficult or plainly stupid and try to deny the mistake. We will simply send a copy of the recorded conversation so we can all hear what was said and then we can collectively decide from there. Our view is that either way, this is a great training opportunity for either our staff or yours. It is a win-win situation. Contact Us today to get started.

Call Support for Higher Education

OK enough about WHY Suporta! I have to ask, “Why not Suporta?”

  • We add volume to your day, we make live transfers or set appointments for your team when you aren’t there to make them.
  • We create a Monday book of business when your folks are watching a Saturday movie with the family. When they are coming in from a long night at the local karaoke bar and still trying to sing their favorite new song.
  • We stay busy setting appointments so when you and your team come in Monday, you can all get down to the business of changing lives rather than spending all day Monday trying to call people who have been waiting to hear from you for the last two days.