Customized Call Campaigns

Customized Call Campaigns

As a Director of Marketing or Director of Admissions, you always have to be concerned about seat availability or seats in the next class. As Career Service Directors, you have to worry about verifying employment for a very select group of people and as Default Managers, you have to worry about contacting students BEFORE they default on their student loans. We can customize a campaign and immediately implement a focused call campaign to help meet your need. We usually are able to add the campaign with minutes of receiving a list from you of students, potential students or graduates that you want us to find for you. Your staff may average 100 calls a day. Your super-efficient, Oh My God Amazing staff members may average 150 dials a day, we have averaged hundreds an hour. We can immediately implement your new customized call campaign with no interruption of the current campaigns we are running for you. We just need a little detail and a list of students you want us to reach. If we are able to access your student management system, many times we can create the list ourselves.

Call Center for CRM Integration

Did we mention that we can integrate with most company’s student management system and pull data and add data for you? Crazy how technology works that way to make us so efficient that we can immediately make an impact on your next start, your job placement statistics and really connect students who are not in default yet to a someone that can help them stay out of default.