Why Age-Targeted Customer Service is Essential to Success

With several generations co-existing in today’s society, you have to be sure you’re targeting the proper age group to maintain relevancy. We’ll focus on the main group for institutions of higher education: Millennials and Generation Z. Both groups are highly involved in technology, different channels of communication (i.e. Social Media) and feel comfortable using these regularly. What does this mean for businesses exactly? Understanding what type of customer service to provide these groups is key. Here’s why:

1. The quickness in which we see reviews or “word-spreading” online. Want to know what’s going on in the world? Just ask a millennial. Within minutes of a negative encounter, reviews can be posted online. The smartphone era where everything is at our fingertips has caused an uptick in the amount of reviews. To combat this, ensure you are providing excellent customer service and don’t be afraid to ask for the good review. Facebook, Yelp, and other review platforms have become the choice over word-of-mouth; and they are heavily utilized.

2. They make up the majority of our U.S. population. As of 2015, Millennials account for the largest group of individuals in the United States. With Millennials surpassing Baby Boomers, they – and Generation Z – are the future. We already see the impact of the technologically savvy and driven generation has had, and it’s only growing as they enter careers.

3. Millennials are changing the Customer Expectation. It’s important to understand that this is a demographic with high expectations. They are extremely passionate about quality services and products. This all translates to fierce brand loyalty. Customer Service should always exceed expectations, but in a niche market, it’s even more important to understand who you’re targeting and what their expectations are.

With more Millennials and Generation Z folks enrolling in institutions of higher education, it’s important to understand them. Their values, goals, and expectations are what make them. Create a tailored customer experience for these demographics by using a third-party system that understands these factors. For more information or help, Suporta can be reached by phone at (888) 253-1752. You can also check out more of our outbound call center services to help your institution.