Preparing For Fall Enrollment

It’s a busy time for most colleges and universities, as well as for students thinking about or planning for Fall Enrollment.   If you are a university or higher education center, you’re likely preparing for the influx of calls and correspondence from prospective students.  How can hiring an outside answering service help you prepare for Fall enrollment, and ensure you don’t lose out on any leads?

  • Ensuring no calls are missed or unreturned.  Creating expectations for prospective students from the beginning is key to securing their enrollment.  If a student does not feel they have easy access to support, they’re not likely to choose your university.
  • Search and Contact.  New lists go out in August, which means you should have a dedicated staff to populate letters.  These letters should go out to prospective students’ inboxes and mailboxes, early and often.
  • Retargeting.  Hiring an experienced group of individuals, such as Suporta, to run a retargeting campaign is of utmost importance.  You have their attention, now you need to ensure you continue to engage them throughout their internet research.
  • Quality Lead Generation.  Going into the most important season in the industry, you need to have qualified leads to contact and target throughout your campaign. An abundance of leads means nothing if they’re unqualified.  Suporta makes it easy to contact the right people instead of wasting resources on unqualified leads.
  • Plan.  Don’t let your efforts go unnoticed.  Building a lead nurturing plan that continues to foster your engaged students is essential for conversions.  The steps above can be transformed into an application campaign, accepted student campaign, or yield campaign.


If you’re considering help from an outside source, choose Suporta. Our company was built around college admissions principles, which is why all of our staff is industry trained.  Our call center services for colleges & universities are geared to help boost enrollment by 15%-20%.  With over thirty years of experience, we’ve been in the game a long time.  We understand the do’s and don’ts of lead closing, compliance, and principles.

Get started with Suporta today and bring your institution to the next level.  888-253-1752.