Three Ways Suporta Helps You Close More Leads

Focusing on providing top-notch customer service, keeping up with the happenings at your educational institution, and managing your day-to-day activities should be your top priorities.

How do you ensure they remain as such, while still closing new leads? Suporta understands the importance of maintaining your busy schedule.  This is why we’ve created a solid program to manage and close more leads.  In this article, we’ll discuss three ways Suporta helps you do this.

  1. An extensive interview and hiring process. All of our representatives are highly trained in qualifying the leads we send to your company.  We aim to avoid the “aggressive sales tactics” and send you leads that are qualified.
  2. We provide full copies of the call so you can gauge the interest.  These calls are helpful as it allows you to prepare for the call before you pitch.  This increases your success rate of closing leads.
  3. Suporta will send you a list of bad marketing leads, allowing you to get credit. You can send these back to your vendor, with details.  We’ll ensure you don’t pay for leads that you can’t use.

We understand how difficult it may be to build your pipeline.  This is the main goal of our friendly customer service staff.  We’ll get all the details before your company contacts the customer.  These methods ensure you have the information needed to close leads.

If you’re considering help from an outside source, consider Suporta. Our company was built around college admissions principles, which is why all of our staff is industry trained.  Our call center services for colleges & universities are geared to help boost enrollment by 15%-20%.  With over thirty years of experience, we’ve been in the game a long time.  We understand the do’s and don’ts of lead closing, compliance, and principles.

Get started with Suporta today and bring your institution to the next level.  888-253-1752.