Utilizing A Professional Service Instead Of Student Recruiting

Many universities offer incentives for existing students or alumni to help recruit new students.  This has been a good method for offering the personal touch in recruiting, but it isn’t always consistent and moving into the new generation, it isn’t necessary.  With tools, like Suporta’s lead services, universities have endless possibilities for recruiting.  There is definitely something to be said of having a one-on-one, personal connection but how many leads can a current student or alumna generate?  The answer simply is, not as many as a call center targeting campaign.  So, what are some of the benefits of using a recruiting service that is dedicated to your brand?

  1. Targeting the Right Students.  Universities must be able to allocate their marketing budget properly, which means targeting the right students instead of casting too wide a net.
  2. Respond to Recruiting Issues.  With student recruiters, they don’t always know when an issue arises or how to handle it.  This could be the difference between a student decided to enroll at your university or not.  Using an inbound/outbound call service ensures any issues that arise will be dealt with in a timely manner to satisfy prospective students’ needs.
  3. Supplying Proper Information.  Have you ever run into someone in a coffee shop or local pub and promised to exchange information with them?  “Hey, give me your email and I’ll send you that article.”  Did you ever send it/receive it?  With a company that is dedicated to the distribution of information, your prospective students will get the information they need or want through the communication channel of choice.
  4. Track Marketing Efforts.  Utilizing a dedicated marketing or contact service is essential to tracking the results and tailoring them to fit.  If a specific campaign is not performing well, the ability to change it swiftly is key.  Without a tracking company or a plan in place, modifying isn’t as easy.  Although it offers that “personal connection”, student recruiting isn’t meant to track and modify.
  5. Tap Into A Larger Applicant Pool.  Students and alumni only have a specific pool of available applicants.  If you’re looking to tap into a larger pool of qualified leads, you need to reach as far as possible.

Universities and institutes of higher education successfully use call center solutions that combine CRM and multichannel technology to meet or exceed their numerical, quality, and diversity recruitment goals.  Don’t rely on word of mouth or “C2C” to fill your classrooms.  Enlist a qualified, professional third party to help.

If you’re considering help from an outside source, consider Suporta. Our company was built around college admissions principles, which is why all of our staff is industry trained.  Our call center services for colleges & universities are geared to help boost enrollment by 15%-20%.  With over thirty years of experience, we’ve been in the game a long time.  We understand the do’s and don’ts of lead closing, compliance, and principles.